I have a proven process for UX design and a wide range of skills that I utilize to help develop the best possible  solutions.


Stakeholder Interviews

Establish goals, objectives and motivations for a project from the perspectives of various project stakeholders.

Deep Dives

Conduct contextual product testing and analysis of competitors to understand an existing system or competition.

User Research

Determine what is important to the the user as well as what their goals are. This can help to prove or disprove assumptions made during the initial stages of a project.  



The quickest and easiest method of getting ideas down.  Also helpful for quickly creating multiple iterations.

Wire Framing

Done initially on a whiteboard, paper, or in a digital format using Axure, Balsamiq, or Sketch.



Prototyping takes place using a range of fidelities, including conceptual, Low, Medium, and High. This allows for stakeholder approvals as the process moves forward and increases efficiency by making the majority of changes at the low fidelity level with fewer changes being made as the project moves to high fidelity. 


Persona Development


Defines the various users that are relevant to a project.

Content Development

Positive user experiences depend on well written, relevant content.

Mapping User Flows


A basic user flow is created which maps out the experience and exposes any missing pieces.  


Annotated Wire Frames


Ensures that every aspect of the design has been thought through including all possible outcomes for a user. Also clearly shows the developers exactly what the product should do in every situation to ensure that the solution is being built to work the way it was designed.

Design Specifications

Delivery includes pixel perfect, browser-based, marked up screens that can be updated at any time. It not only provides developers with correct colors, shadows, and fonts; but also the appropriate unit of measurements for all the different web browsers, iOS, and Android resolutions. 


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