Lincoln Way Charge Station Locator

Part of the Find experience in the Lincoln Way Mobile App


Lincoln is releasing a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV). The existing Lincoln Way app currently has a Find feature which allows users to find destinations such as fuel stations, parking, and even restaurants. There is currently no feature within the app to allow a BEV owner to locate vehicle charge stations. 

The app design needed to include this feature in a way that was consistent with the Find experience, while also satisfying all of the unique requirements of locating charging.


Two months


Product Owner, Feature Owner, UX Designer, Art Director, Solutions Delivery Analyst


To deliver a user experience consistent with the other destinations within Find but tailored to the unique requirements of Battery Electric Vehicle owners.


I worked as the UX designer on this project. I collaborated with the Product Owner and Feature Owner to determine all required functionality that would be added. I then created personas specific to an electric vehicle owner and wrote a list of goals for each persona. From here, I was able to create basic user flows and then low fidelity screens. These screens assembled into the basic flows were then presented to the Product Owner and Feature Owner for preliminary approval. I then worked with the art director to create high fidelity screens for both iOS and Android and presented the completed screens along with annotations for approval. These were then presented by our creative lead for L3 and L2 approval.


The owner of an electric vehicle has different requirements when searching for a charge station than a traditional gas vehicle owner would have. 

Traditional gas vehicle drivers are usually concerned most with price with distance being a secondary concern. Some are also loyal to specific brands so they need the ability to filter based on brand.

Electric vehicle drivers are typically more concerned with the distance the station is from their location. Pricing has not been a major concern but could become important in the near future as specific brands of charge station start to charge fees. Another huge concern for electric vehicle drivers is if the type of plug they have is offered. There are many different types of plugs used and not all stations have all types. In addition, because the charging process can take a significant amount of time, availability of a plug is a concern. 



High level flow diagram


While the basic search flow was the same as a fuel station search,  I had to determine what filters would be applied and what their defaults would be. In addition, the details of specific locations needed to show additional information regarding availability for each type of plug. 


Due to the time that vehicle charging takes, the most important information to the user is availability of their required type of charging plug. This resulted in a unique preview and detail view for users and presented a challenge in maintaining consistency with the existing find fuel experience.  

The final solution is shown below:

Find Landing Screen with category tray selected

Find Charging unfiltered map results screen

Find Charging filters

Find Charging filtered results map view

Find Charging filtered results list view

Find Charging pin selected and preview tile

Charging station details with connectors information

Charging station details continued with hours, brand, and cost information

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