Hi, I'm Shannon  

I am a UX  Designer  who makes technology usable for everyone by creating intuitive experiences that make sense and help users to accomplish their goals. 

How I Started

Several years ago I started work as an implementation engineer at a small software company. Because our platform was so easily customized, we built many add-on features for our customers. This was my first experience with interacting with users and then designing an app or process to meet their needs. 

As time went by, I found myself building these add-on features for nearly all of our clients. This lead to designing features that could be used by multiple clients. In many cases I would be asked to design the UX and UI for an entire integration with another system. 

Because I enjoyed the logical aspects of this type of work, as well as the creative elements, I have continued to pursue work which allows me to create products and experiences that are useful, useable, and visually appealing.

About Me

I am originally from Springfield, Missouri and have been working in technology for nearly my entire adult life. I recently relocated to Seattle, Washington. 


I love working in UX Design because it combines the three things that most interest me: Technology, Logic, and Creativity.  There is nothing more appealing to me than being given a challenge and solving it by using technology. To do this requires logical thinking so that what you create makes sense and actually works. It also requires creativity to design and arrange things so that are intuitive for the user as well as visually appealing.     

When I am not working, you might find me running or experimenting with a new workout routine. If I am feeling tired, then I am probably drawing on my iPad. To see some of this graphic design work click here. Otherwise, I am usually reading or watching Netflix.


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